Create an Outstanding Art Portfolio


Create an Outstanding Art Portfolio

Less is more

The first and most important rule of a broad portfolio is to use as many images as possible to show off your best work. A common misconception of beginners is to put all their work into their portfolio. At first, this may be because they only have enough work to make a small wallet, but little by little as you increase body, it is important to realize your wallet. You must get your message quickly. A blocked portfolio that does not communicate the strengths of your business quickly and efficiently leads to loss of opportunity.

Another problem with large portfolios is that any job less than the average of your portfolio will reduce the quality of the total portfolio. People will judge your ability for the worst job in your portfolio. Having a bad image can turn your portfolio into an asset and a liability that costs you business. This is why the simple must be maintained; Showing six to ten pictures of your best work is an excellent place to start.


When people see your work, they want to know what kind of work they are going to get if they hire you. The most successful creative have a particular niche, style or area of expertise. You may be able to do all kinds of jobs, and it may be that once people have confidence in you as a professional, you will be asked to work outside your comfort zone. But it’s better than being the best at something more than average at all. Make a portfolio with the type of work you do best. Demonstrate why you are better than your competition.

Market study

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to expand your competition. Try to find other people who have a business similar to yours and look at their wallets. Your goal should be to make your portfolio at least as good as the wallets you find. If you find a competitor with an excellent portfolio, mark it and compare it with the system later to see if it has achieved its goal.

Two and not to do

Use high quality images. Always use high quality, high resolution images for your portfolio. If you use watermarks on the images, make sure they are not distracting. It is easy for a watermark to completely ruin the visual impact of an image.
Do not use large files in your wallet. Although a very large file is required for printing, if you use print resolution files for your portfolio, it will take longer to download and will not display properly on some devices. (Tip: At this point, the standard HD 1920 × 1080 pixels is a large size for files that are accessed digitally. Finally, Standard 4k 4096 × 2160 pixels replace.).
Look at your portfolio on a variety of devices. You want your wallet to be great on computers, tablets and phones. Ask your friends to see your devices and let you know if they have trouble showing your wallet.
Look out for people who see your wallet. So the images spend more time? If your best work at the end of your portfolio, try to move forward. If people have difficulty navigating their digital wallet, change the format or the gallery for easier viewing.
Do not have two pictures with the same subject. Although he did not want an incoherent and confusing portfolio, he also wants to avoid duplicates. Try to avoid having two images that are too similar to each other or have the same subject.