Essential Rules of Street Photography


Essential Rules of Street Photography

At one point, street photography appeared not to be a dominant genre for a long time, but in recent years things have changed drastically.

More than ever, people take pictures of the street with almost all types of cameras that they can put in the hand.

Of course, mobile photography has played an important role in this area and the growing trend of retro-style mirrorless cameras.

It is no longer just a game for expensive or heavy Leica DSLR. We have so many amazing cameras that are advanced for street photography, it would be a shame not to be able to put them to good use.

But in this endless number of shots in the streets of sea that are taken and loaded every day, creating a work that stands out is more difficult than ever. Get a flight to New York and hit the most famous “hot spots” being made.

If you want to create an authentic work, you have to push yourself and further expand your vision to a point where you can introduce the interesting aspects of life that others ignore.

You should also follow these seven rules, but at some point, you should be confident enough in your abilities to be able to break them down to get impressive results.

1. Overcoming Fear

Hajdutamas Image Credit: Hajdu Tamas

Unlike other types of photography, fear plays an important role in street photography. It’s one of the things that make it so exciting.

How will people react when I leave my camera and let the shots go? Will someone start asking questions if I take a photo? Is it worth the risk of entering into a physical confrontation?

All these issues are in the mind at one time or another, and are completely normal.