Formats for digital wallets


Formats for digital wallets

Make your wallet visible on multiple device types

Portfolio website

Your web wallet should be the first thing people find when searching online. It should be on the main page of your website or a single click on the landing page. Use meta tags on your portfolio page to describe the content of your portfolio in general terms, so that those looking for these things will have the opportunity to find your wallet a search for images on. You can use a variety of plugins CMS gallery (content manager) that is used to create your portfolio, but more importantly, it is simple and intuitive for the viewer. Once you have set up your wallet, see some people who use it. If you have problems navigating, use a different gallery or change the settings to make it more intuitive.

Cloud Portfolio

Use cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive to send specialized portfolios based on the type of images they want. Using a cloud service, you can quickly create a folder containing the images you want the potential client to route and send them instantly without changing anything on my website or on your portfolio page. (Hint: If you send a link to a folder with a cloud service, you can correct bugs or change your wallet, even after posting).

Portfolios PDF

PDF Portfolios are the medium between an online portfolio and a printed portfolio. You can keep a PDF of your best work on the tablet or phone to show people when they ask you what you specialize in. In this way, you always have a professional portfolio in your pocket. It is easy to make a PDF of your portfolio. You can use the Adobe Acrobat program or you can convert a web page, a Word document or PowerPoint to PDF. PDF files are also ready to print. If you have an excellent PDF portfolio that made you to show customers in person, why not use it as the basis of a professional portfolio?

Printed portfolios

Printed wallets will help to excel in the digital age

Initially, the wallets were selections of printed works that would show their customers in person, but now people often have their work available to their visitors only online. When online wallets were available, an online wallet has been allowed to stand out because it showed that you were different. Now that everyone has an online portfolio, you can stand out by finding a professional printing portfolio. It costs more, but it gives you the opportunity to personally showcase your wallet. Although you can send an email to a customer a link to your wallet online for free, show someone your professionally presented work in a printed wallet can really stand out.

Check your portfolio at least once a year

If you are busy, perhaps you are not aware of how much you have looked at your wallet. When you make your first wallet, put a reminder on your calendar for next year to remind you to update your wallet. A great idea is to always update your wallet in the first week of the new year or week of your birthday. Updating your portfolio is an opportunity to evaluate your progress and see how much you have improved.