home-schooling has many benefits


home-schooling has many benefits, especially for bullied children

Sonia Sodha goes too far in her article: “Is the state sometimes wiser than the parents?” (Commentary). The ban on home education is proposed and suggests that “some may have an adequate education – we do not know.” But we know because there has not been much research showing that this type of education is largely due very effectively.

Government research has shown that every year at least 10,000 children have worse outcomes at GCSE, simply because they are born in the summer. These young people are also less likely to go to college and more likely to be bullied at school.


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We know that more than a quarter of children are bullied in their school life. You can be a smart parent who decides on an alternative school instead of sending your child every day to be beaten. In fact, research on children who have had traumatic experiences, such as bullying, are three times more likely to have psychotic episodes in adulthood.

Evidence is clear that parents may have to take things in hand because the state ignores the evidence.
Dr. Ian Cunningham, Chairman of Governors
Self Learning College

Suggest that parents do not have the “moral right” to keep their children in the house of the school is a point of no liberal amazes me in the Observer. The duty of parents is clearly established in the Education Act of 1996: to assure a child a “full-time education appropriate to his age, ability and aptitude and special educational needs he may have either by attendance Regulate school or otherwise. “Sodha seems to believe that parents are unable to decide whether this right is best served by the traditional school or ‘otherwise’. I am pleased that the law is not paternal.
Philip Ball
SE22 London

Feminism has many faces
As a feminist man many years of activity, arguing the case at meetings, writing about the subject, playing plays, articles and letters to the media, I am disappointed by Catherine Bennett’s seemingly anodyne rejection of my perseverance and effort “The extreme need This makes a man a woman of the year,” comment).

My anger and my conviction on the issue of equality, the disgusting treatment of women through the centuries and even today, and my certainty that no society can be civilized until it is out of fashion that the philosophy of This company is as strong and deeply feminized as shamefully masculinized for centuries are by no means inferior to a woman’s. However, I do not pretend to claim the best way to continue as a woman, what must be changed or what wants to be feminine in our society. A woman knows. And I also know, because my feminism is as valid as any person, man or woman.home-schooling has many benefits, especially for bullied children