Social comparisons on social media


Social comparisons on social media: The impact of Facebook on young women’s body image concerns and mood


Attractive images of celebrities and companions have a negative effect on body image and mood.

No differences were found between celebrity and peer images.

The effect of celebrity and peer images is mediated by social comparison.

The cult of celebrity moderates the effect of celebrity images on bodily dissatisfaction.

Many studies have documented that exposure to thin fashion models of images contributes to female body dissatisfaction. The present study was to study experimentally the impact of attractive images of celebrities and female body image partners on. Participants were 138 female college students who were randomly assigned to view either a set of celebrity images, a set of unknown pairs as attractive images, a set of control images of the tour. All images of public profiles Instagram. Results showed that exposure to fame and Peer images increases negative mood and body dissatisfaction compared to travel images, with no significant difference between celebrities and peer images. This effect was mediated by comparing the occurrence of the condition. In addition, the cult of celebrity has moderately increased the effect of celebrity images on bodily dissatisfaction. It was concluded that exposure to attractive images of celebrities and peers could affect the body image of women.